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Note on the PRE-RELEASE of the EFEHR data services & models

The EFEHR services, providing access to the next generation of the European seismic hazard and risk models and their underlying tools and datasets, will become available to the scientific and professional community on 16 December 2021. With this pre-release we aim to gain feedback and carry out any necessary final improvements, before we more widely publicise the release of the European seismic hazard and risk models in spring 2022. 

Scientists, engineers and other experts across Europe have greatly contributed to the development of the EFEHR data services and models over the last few years. The development has also been supported by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation pro-gramme, in collaboration with GEM (Global Earthquake Model Foundation) and EPOS (European Plate Observing System).

Do you need further explanations, illustrative graphics, or carefully designed maps? Then wait until the full release in spring 2022, when the models and all products, including maps, an explainer video, answers to frequent questions, and additional materials, will become available on this website. At this time, the European earthquake hazard and risk models will also be presented to the media and interested citizens.

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Earthquake HAZARD across Europe

The web platform hazard.EFEHR is the gateway to scientifically credible seismic hazard models, related data, software and expertise relevant for assessing earthquake hazard in Europe. Web services and an interactive portal provide access to hazard maps, hazard curves and uniform hazard spectra of the earthquake hazard model for Europe.

Earthquake RISK across Europe

Various datasets used to build the earthquake risk model for Europe are available on the risk.EFEHR web platform. It provides access to documentation of all datasets and models as well as the seismic risk computations.


The European Facilities for Earthquake Hazard and Risk, short EFEHR, is a non-profit network of organisations and community resources aimed at advancing earthquake hazard and risk assessment in the European-Mediterranean area.


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