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Where to find further information?

Several products can support you in exploring earthquake hazard and risk across Europe and help you to better understand its components, building process, and results of the 2020 European Seismic Hazard and Risk Models. 

The scientific data and products of the European seismic hazard and risk models are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license (CC BY 4.0).

Therefore, these products can be used for private, scientific, commercial and non-commercial purposes, provided an adequate citation is given.

How to cite the maps and scientific products?

General information: Explainer video

Explainer video


Fact sheet & technical report: European Seismic Hazard Model


Danciu L., Nandan S., Reyes C., Basili R., Weatherill G., Beauval C., Rovida A., Vilanova S., Sesetyan K., Bard P-Y., Cotton F., Wiemer S., Giardini D. (2021) - The 2020 update of the European Seismic Hazard Model: Model Overview. EFEHR Technical Report 001, v1.0.0, https://doi.org/10.12686/a15

Fact sheet & technical report: European Seismic Risk Model


Crowley H., Dabbeek J., Despotaki V, Rodrigues D., Martins L., Silva V., Romão, X., Pereira N., Weatherill G. and Danciu L. (2021) European Seismic Risk Model (ESRM20), EFEHR Technical Report 002, V1.0.0, 84 pp, https://doi.org/10.7414/EUC-EFEHR-TR002-ESRM20