The European Facilities for Earthquake Hazard and Risk (EFEHR) is a non-profit network of organisations and community resources aimed at advancing earthquake hazard and risk assessment in the European-Mediterranean area. EFEHR is not replacing national or local efforts, it is supporting and enriching them.

EFEHR constitutes one of the three service domains in the Thematic Core Service (TCS) Seismology within the European Plate Observatory System (EPOS). The two others are ORFEUS (waveform services) and CSEM-EMSC (seismological products services).

Key Objectives

  • Promote good practice and knowledge exchange within the research community.
  • Integrate with the engineering community in order to ensure a seamless transition from hazard to risk (exposure, vulnerability).
  • Enable national and local hazard and risk assessment by providing access to software and expertise required for contemporary hazard and risk assessment.
  • Provide open access to state of the art, trustworthy and reproducible data, models and information on earthquake hazard and risk, harmonised across Europe.
  • Maintenance, update and quality control of relevant databases for seismic hazard assessment (e.g., active faults, local site conditions, earthquake catalogues, ground shaking models, site).
  • Conduct periodic reviews and updates of the community-built reference European seismic hazard model (ESHM) and the European seismic risk model (ESRM).

EFEHR Newsletter

The newsletter offers EFEHR Consortium updates and news on activities. It will be distributed up to four times a year, so no spamming; all the important information will be summarized in one compact e-mail.

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